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Hi there,  we are so glad you found us!  Project38LB is a website and blog for builders, designers, architects, real estate professionals, lenders, and property owners to get tips and hints.  Our emphasis is to help you keep your projects moving smoothly.   We will explore new technology and best practices to spend less time in a hold up and more time enjoying the end results.



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Contractor References - Customers helping you grow your business | Project38LB

I was honored to be a reference for one of my favorite tradesman, Abby Vasquez owner and operator of Vasquez Construction. I have known Abby for almost 13 years, completed 6 projects in 3 cities. Abby was sly, and never told me I was on his reference list. I was not prepared and neither was the client. When I took the call there was a short introduction and then a long pause. Neither one of us had a plan. Looking back on it, I would have liked to share the following infor

Architectural Fees - How to lower costs on design | Project38LB

When I close out a contract agreement, I always ask myself "What could I have done better?" Construction is a mixed bag and competitive business. The finished product can be done so many ways and priced differently as well. I discovered a valuable lesson when working with architects, other service providers can do some of the work for a lot less. Architectural services are broken down into four common service areas; 1) Conceptual Design 2) As-built drawings 3) City Submiss



The Full Story

Hello we are Tricia and Michael Adamson.  Since 1981 I have been a contractor, home owner, and  property manager involved with  both commercial and residential projects.  My son, Michael, grew up listening to me negotiate with tenants, schedule sub contractors and do countless projects.  His research and contemporary writing style bring transparency and a little humor.  Together we want to share with you ideas to make any building project a success.