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Hi there,  we are so glad you found us!  Project38LB is a website and blog for builders, designers, architects, real estate professionals, lenders, and property owners to get tips and hints.  Our emphasis is to help you keep your projects moving smoothly.   We will explore new technology and best practices to spend less time in a hold up and more time enjoying the end results.



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Remodel budget- Boiling Frog Syndrome? | Project38LB

If your remodel budget is endless, you may skip this blog and stay tuned for what we having coming up next. On the other hand, if you have a specific budget and facing a significant renovation project, this blog is what you are looking for. A renovation project that increases the original footprint, a second floor addition, or raises the roof is a significant project and will exceed your budget. The question is "Is it worth it?" My architect, Daniella Carter, referenced t

Residential Construction - Working with Neighbors | Project38LB

Love thy neighbor, that’s what they say right? It couldn’t be more true, neighbors that get along can be rare and getting along can be a whole project on its own sometimes. But I am here to tell you it is worth the effort to have a good relationship with them. Especially when starting a construction project that is loud, intrusive, risky, questionable, ugly, smelly, dusty, toxic, you get the idea. If your project is all of these things you might want to consider not doing it

Yelp can help - Do dynamic reviews | Project38LB

I really fell behind publishing this blog. I spent far to much time reading and researching about consumer websites like Yelp. I have discovered that 70% of posted ratings are unreliable. Forbes contributor and consumer advocate Christopher Elliot has it right "You Should Not Trust Online Review". The reason, new reviews are not weighted better than old reviews, even though newer reviews are more accurate on current conditions. Makes you wonder the value of rating web



The Full Story

Hello we are Tricia and Michael Adamson.  Since 1981 I have been a contractor, home owner, and  property manager involved with  both commercial and residential projects.  My son, Michael, grew up listening to me negotiate with tenants, schedule sub contractors and do countless projects.  His research and contemporary writing style bring transparency and a little humor.  Together we want to share with you ideas to make any building project a success.