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Hi there,  we are so glad you found us!  Project38LB is a website and blog for builders, designers, architects, real estate professionals, lenders, and property owners to get tips and hints.  Our emphasis is to help you keep your projects moving smoothly.   We will explore new technology and best practices to spend less time in a hold up and more time enjoying the end results.



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Contractor References - Customers helping you grow your business | Project38LB

I was honored to be a reference for one of my favorite tradesman, Abby Vasquez owner and operator of Vasquez Construction. I have known Abby for almost 13 years, completed 6 projects in 3 cities. Abby was sly, and never told me I was on his reference list. I was not prepared and neither was the client. When I took the call there was a short introduction and then a long pause. Neither one of us had a plan. Looking back on it, I would have liked to share the following infor

What to expect from an architect - How to prepare for the interview? | Project38LB

In four short days, I will start my largest remodel project. Up to this point, I have done about fifteen residential kitchens and bath remodels. Mostly working with rental units; the floor plan and material were almost identical. Not too difficult. A little like laundry rinse, wash and repeat. The property is a 1243sqft residence built-in 1938 needed a complete floor plan change and footprint expansion. The vision is to restore some original 40's character, improve funct

Tax Return Schedule E 1040 Part 1 - Organize expenses | Project38LB

I agree with Forbes there is nothing to really celebrate on April 15th or Tax Day. As Forbes points out April 15th should not be known as Tax Day, it is far from a holiday or memorable event. April 15th is a dreaded a tax deadline. I do get personal satisfaction completing the return or filing a well-organized extension. An IRS compliance audit in 2012 improved my expense tracking and bookkeeping skills. After 10 long investigative days, the agent indicated his time wa

Remodel budget- Boiling Frog Syndrome? | Project38LB

If your remodel budget is endless, you may skip this blog and stay tuned for what we having coming up next. On the other hand, if you have a specific budget and facing a significant renovation project, this blog is what you are looking for. A renovation project that increases the original footprint, a second floor addition, or raises the roof is a significant project and will exceed your budget. The question is "Is it worth it?" My architect, Daniella Carter, referenced t

Residential Construction - Working with Neighbors | Project38LB

Love thy neighbor, that’s what they say right? It couldn’t be more true, neighbors that get along can be rare and getting along can be a whole project on its own sometimes. But I am here to tell you it is worth the effort to have a good relationship with them. Especially when starting a construction project that is loud, intrusive, risky, questionable, ugly, smelly, dusty, toxic, you get the idea. If your project is all of these things you might want to consider not doing it

Mold Testing - To do or Not to do? | Project38LB

Whew, there is nothing better than to complete a project fix that saves both time and money. This week it was dealing with wet and swelling drywall. It is alarming to see the drywall blister and break down from too much moisture. It can create panic and make you believe mold is growing behind the wall! The real questions are: How much moisture has accumulated behind the wall ? Secondly, for how long? I could not find any facts about how fast mold can grow in a dark enc

Home Security - 24/7 Surveillance or Monitor Yourself | Project38LB

I don’t know about you, but when I leave the house I like to know that my surfboards, TV, pets and loved ones are all secure and safe (not particularly in that order). So it is important to be familiar with the different home security systems that are available. What’s the best option? Well it depends, do you want to set up your own security system that you monitor yourself? Or would you prefer a professional security company to alert 911 for you if there is a break in? How m

Consumer Price Index - Where's the Buying Power? | Project38LB

This week I began with Real Estate Finance homework on Consumer Price Index. I loved the research so much, I thought I would share with you. The Bureaus of Labor and Statistics is a great informational resource. The economic news posted to the website is updated constantly. If you have not explored it and you invest in US real estate, I suggest you book mark the site. Take the time to read the home page and economic news tables before you invest. It will give you a bett

Red Flags - What to look for in a good contractor | Project38LB

Upon entering someone else’s home, a range of thoughts go through people’s minds. I think the first is, “It smells different, I shouldn’t stay too long.” The second, and more importantly is the overall appearance of the place. When people walk into your home you want them to think “wow this person has good taste…and probably buys organic produce.” To get that look, a number of things need to be done right, and the first is finding a good contractor. If this is one of your fir

Four Contract Considerations- Construction Agreement | Project38LB

You may have found your contractor from Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, a referral from a good friend or maybe your best friend. Plus, you have asked all the right interview questions, examined price and ready to make the final decision. Before saying "I Do" with a contractor you have never worked with before, consider getting a written contract or agreement. Drawing up a contact maybe an indicator on how well the project will go. Let the other bidders know your plan to have on



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Hello we are Tricia and Michael Adamson.  Since 1981 I have been a contractor, home owner, and  property manager involved with  both commercial and residential projects.  My son, Michael, grew up listening to me negotiate with tenants, schedule sub contractors and do countless projects.  His research and contemporary writing style bring transparency and a little humor.  Together we want to share with you ideas to make any building project a success.